6-7/4/2017 | IFISC (Mallorca)

Program and book of abstracts avalaible here


 IInd QuProCS Meeting - Extended program

Thursday 6/04/2017
9:00 Registration
9:10 Conference opening
9:15 S. Maniscalco QuProCS overview
chair: Kuhr
9:25 A. Widera, Probing of an ultracold gas through individual neutral atoms
10:10 A. Buyskikh, Spin models, probes, and atoms in tilted optical lattices
10:30 C. Foot, The development of quantum probes in a multispecies ultracold gas
10:50 R. G. Lena, Cooling of impurity atoms in a 2D lattice by a reservoir gas
11:00 M. Dirkmann, A Bosonic Josephson Junction with an Impurity
11:10 E. Haller, Towards experiments with ultracold cesium atoms in optical lattice potentials
11:25 S. Kuhr , WP1 progress
11:30-12:00 coffee break
chair: Piilo
12:00 C. Kropf, Master equations for the ensemble averaged dynamics of disordered quantum systems
12:20 F. Galve, A 2-ions probe for anomalous heating
12:40 H. P. Breuer, WP2 progress
13:00 M. Paris, WP3 progress
13:20-14:50 lunch + discussions
chair: Maniscalco
15:00 F. Marquardt, Topological transport of photons and phonons
15:45 B. Vacchini, Memory kernels for collisional models
16:05 M. Borrelli, It's all about the bosons
16:25 E. Laine, Probing statistical orthogonality catastrophe in a quasi-periodic system
16:35 A. Cabot, Spontaneous synchronization and asymptotic entanglement in coupled optomechanical systems dissipating
into a common bath
16:45 G. L. Giorgi, Synchronization as a local signature of super and subradiance
16:55 J. Nokkala, Minimal and maximal access probing of complex quantum networks
17:05 R. Zambrini, WP5 progress
19:00 Steering + Scientific Meetings
20:00 Social Dinner
Thursday 7/04/2017
chair: Zambrini
9:00 V. Parigi, Quantum multimode resources based on optical frequency combs and simulation of complex quantum network
9:45 H. Lyyra, Progress on optical simulator for generic dephasing
10:05 G. Dufour, A two-component bosonic Josephson junction
10:25 C. Benedetti, Characterization of qubit chains by Feynman probes
10:45 M. Bina, Continuous-variable probing of structured environments
11:05 D. Jaksch, WP4 progress
11:25 – 11:45 coffee break
chair: Buchleitner
11:45 L. Maccone, Entanglement uses in quantum metrology
12:30 G. Manzano, Fluctuation theorems for quantum maps
12:40 F. Cosco, Non-equilibrium quantum thermodynamics in Coulomb crystals
12:50 J. Mur Petit, Quantum fluctuation relations for generalized Gibbs ensembles
13:10 F. Plastina, Coherence generation, irreversibility and Non-adiabaticity in out-of-equilibrium quantum processes
13:30 – 14:20 lunch
14:3019:15 Excursion